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News from the worship ministry

On January 26, week 2 worship team will meet at our home at 6:30 for food and fun. You don't need to bring anything! Spouses are invited.

It may seem a bit early, but...Easter will be here before you know it! This year, Easter falls on April 1. No foolin'!! Anyway, if you are part of the Worship Ministry here at BCCC, whether it be in the band, a vocalist or a tech person and plan to be here, please shoot me an email at meaton@bachelorcreek.com. The service is being planned so don't wait!

If you're out there thinking, "Man, would I like to be a part of that Worship Band," and you believe God's gifted you with the talent to do so, give me a call at 260-563-4109 or email me and let me know what your skill set is.

Making music for the Kingdom!