Senior Adult Opportunities

Many opportunities are available for individuals who have reached the age when they can receive a Seniors Discount at certain businesses. At Bachelor Creek, we are not interested in pushing people into age categories. Instead, we are committed to providing times and places to both learn and serve, as well as to develop and maintain meaningful relationships.

Sunday School Classes

A variety of Sunday School classes meet at 8:00, 9:00 and 10:30 AM. This involves groups covering all age ranges. Click here to find one that best suits you!


Community Groups

A number of our older adults are members of Community Groups. These groups meet on different evenings of the week and provide opportunities for study, fun and service. Check our our Connect page to get involved!


Bus Trips

Monthly day trips on the church bus are planned for several months from late spring to early autumn. For over 15 years, these trips have taken travelers to many interesting destinations. The trips are announced weeks in advance to allow all who wish to travel time to sign-up in advance of the scheduled date. A fee is usually involved to cover admission tickets, etc. An occasional overnight trip is sometimes planned. Individuals aged 50 and above are invited to join in the fun.


Annual Senior’s Fish Fry Picnic

In the summer, about 5 families host a large group picnic inviting all the older adults of Bachelor Creek. At a setting by a lake, our members get together for relaxing fellowship and a great meal.


Service Opportunities

Since we collect more skills as we age, there are numerous chances to put those talents to good use in serving others in and around the church. Many of our ladies assist with different areas of the Women’s Ministry program. There are occasional openings in the children’s area for teachers, assistants and nursery workers. Community groups and the Men’s Ministry may be asked to provide assistance in repairing a person’s residence.  


Community Involvement

A number of our older members serve in a variety of ways within our area-wide Service Organizations. Several of our folk are mentors or prayer partners for Kid’s Hope, an in-school mentoring program assisting young students. Our church members also participate in one-day community service projects.


More Information

If you would like more information, contact Ken Goble.

Phone: 260-563-4109

Email: kgoble@bachelorcreek.com



     -June 10

     -Carry in meal @ 5:30pm

     -Hymn Songfest starts @ 6:30pm

July Bus Trip

     -July 28

     -Meal & Play @ Das Essenhaus

     -Leave church @ 8:45 am, return at 6:48pm

     -Cost is $38

     -Sign up at The Connecting Point

Seniors Picnic

     -August 15

     -At Mike & Amy Niccum's

     -Free to all seniors

     -Sign up at the Connecting Point soon!